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3.1 Deep Moist treatment 800ml x 2

39500.00 Ks
Description / How to use

The main ingredients carbohydrate (nucleic acid fraction) is one of the top four rich biological, molecule (protein, lipid and nucleic acid). Oligosaccharides has a quite strong moisture capacity like Mon thermite as, moisture can form the Hydrogen Bonding with the backbone chain of Oligosaccharides in many ways, which can bring the, moisture into the moist demanded cuticle. Please choose the right sets According to the hair situation:

1. To blow the shampooed hair dry 50% or above.
2. To apply Lotion No. 1 to the hair uniformly to steam 15-20 minutes by heat, then to cool for 3 minutes, and to do the rinse ( remark: super-size to the damaged hair, no rinse available when in a hurry)
3. To blow the rinsed hair dry 50% or above, then to apply lotionNO.2 to the hair uniformly, to steam 30minutes by heat, then to cool for 3 minutes, and to do the style after the rinsing by low-warm water.

INGREDIENT: Enthusiastically dance with you elegant hair in all seasons and happily enjoy the fragrance emanating from your hair at your every move.

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