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Ceramic Perm

10000.00 Ks
Description / How to use

Special formula to make the curl long last and elastic healthy, mild, fragrant.


1. PREPARATION: Clean the hair with shampoo and dry it primarily. Apply the PPT protein to the hair according to the damaged situation.

2. SOFTENING EFFECT: Separate the hair by 3cm thickness. Apply the No/1 lotion on the hair 1.5cm away from the scalp and comb it. Wait to achieve the softening time according to different hair texture (refer to the time schedule)

3. Flush the hair with warm water and dry the hair primarily. No need to use any shampoo.

4. Apply the PPT protein evenly from root to hair. Apply the curly iron into the hair.

5. Heats the curly iron ads make the hair dry primarily. (Make it two times.)Stop heating and wait unit the curly iron is cold.

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