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6.1 Age Recharge Friming Hair Mask

30000.00 Ks
Description / How to use

Age recharge, firming masque, for hair with loss of substance and de-vitalized, Weak, damaged hair without luster, Fine, thin and delicate hair, Tinted / Porous, repairing the cuticle layer and surrounding the hair, in order to protect it from further damage.
Application: Clean the hair shampoo and wipe-dry moisture 50%, Work evenly through damp hair. The effect can be intensified with 10 minutes heat. Rinse thoroughly.

Apply the AQULANCH shampoo to clean the hair. Then dry the hair primarily.
Section the hair into ten parts.
Apply the treatment onto the hair evenly. Apply the rod to set the hair then steam for 15-20minutes. Cool the hair and flush with water.
Apply the AQULANCH extra smooth egg lotion onto the hair and make style.