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Repair Perm Lotion (Damaged Hair)

6000.00 Ks
Description / How to use

The main ingredients: Meloxicam Cetearyl Poly glucose, well control the repair and freshen function, make the more elastic and long lasting.

1. To dry the shampooed hair with towel.
2. To wind the hair with the right rollers, then apply the suit Lotion 1 uniformly to the roller hair, to re-apply after 5minutes.
3. To be suggested to keep lotion on the hair for 8-20 minutes according to the function.
4. To wash the lotion No.1 completely and dry the hair.
5. To apply Lotion2 uniformly to the rolled hair one more time every 3minutes, and to keep the lotion on the hair for 8-10 minutes, finally to remove the rollers and to rinse completely for the rinse style.
INGREDIENT: Enthusiastically dance with you elegant hair in all seasons and happily enjoy the fragrance emanating from your hair at your every move.

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