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10000.00 Ks
Description / How to use

Hot perm-the best performance for curly and straight hair. It contains various amino acid and collagen supplement. The nutrition will penetrate into the hair fiber and repair the hair effectively. The hair after perm will be natural looking and shiny.
Direction: FOR CURLY PERM (P 9 + P 10)
1. Clean the hair and dry it primarily. Separate the hair 3cm thick. Apply No. 1 (P 9) lotion onto every piece of hair 1.5cm away. Massage and wait for softening. Stay for 10-20 minutes. (Pay attention to the softening time according to different hair texture)
2. Soften the hair evenly then flush with warm water entirely. No need to use any shampoo. Dry the hair with towel. Design the curly roll according to the hair style.
3. Heat the curly roll until the hair is dry 90 percent. (Heat the hair by 2 times). Stop heating and wait until the roll is cool.
4. Apply the No.2 (P 10) lotion by 3 times evenly. Stay for 10 minutes then remove the rolls and flush with water.