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Description / How to use

CES high penetrative technology Shiny reparative agent EUTANOLG Cold wave operation upgrade to hot wave result. Unique CES high penetrative technology carriers perm agents into medulla under even lowly alkaline circumstances, amino acids and vitamin B etc. to medulla to nourish damaged hair inside out, seat moisture and protection. Rich shiny reparative agent EUTANOLG repairs damage, increases softness, and leaves lasting attractive look.
1. Clean the hair with shampoo. Don’t hurt the scalp. Dry the hair with towel primarily.
2. Apply the cold perm: Apply the plastic curl onto the hair. Apply the No.1 lotion onto the hair from neck to top to forehead. Time to apply Normal hair (N) Stay for 15-20minutes. Damage hair (D) stay for 10-15minutes.
3. Styling when the curling situation is acceptable, flush the hair with water. Dry the hair primarily. Apply No .2 lotion. Apply No .2 lotion onto the plastic curl. Stay for 8 minutes. Remove the curl. Apply the rest of No .2 lotion onto the hair. Stay for 5 minutes. Flush the hair with warm water.
4. Use the treatment of care products of EUAVDO is recommended.